Project Name: Portland Public Communication Facility

Location: Portland, Oregon

Owner: City of Portland

Engineer: System Design Consultants

General Contractor: Walsh Construction Company

Scope of Work: HVAC work for newly remodeled 911 building


In 2002, the Portland Public Communication building, the facility that houses 911 emergency services, required fairly routine renovations and additions that included new computer rooms, a new maintenance shop, and renovations and expansion to the existing office areas throughout the building. Considering that all emergency services for several large communities rely on the 911 emergency services in this building, no construction-related system or personnel disruptions would be acceptable. During the construction, through extensive coordination and planning, we were able to seamlessly transfer all mechanical systems without any break in emergency services.



  • Through our ‘Value Engineering’ service, we were able to recognize significant savings by using varying equipment manufacturers
  • Extensive coordination and planning to ensure zero downtime and/or distractions for emergency services personnel
  • 7000 hours on the project without a single, recordable accident



  • Associated Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction – Mechanical $500,000 – $1,000,000