Core Values

The basis of Hunter-Davisson, Inc’s values guided by the Christian principle of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Our guiding values are:

Accountability: Every employee must be accountable to the customer, the Company and each other.
Appreciation: Give thanks where it is deserved
Customer Service: Place our internal and external customers first as they are deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment.
Generosity: Share rewards generously with those who have shared in our success.
Humility: Treat others with deference and place their needs above our own.
Integrity: Maintain the highest standards of honesty and ethics.
Respect: Always show considerations and thoughtfulness towards others.
Teamwork: Work together as a cohesive unit in the pursuit of serving our customers
Quality: Strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through superior performance and craftsmanship.