The Safe from Hate Jobsite Culture Pledge calls on all industry stakeholders in the construction industry to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by clearly addressing jobsite culture.

Because prevalent racism and sexism continue to create hostile work environments, impact retention of a skilled workforce, and disproportionately harm women, Black, Indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC), the Safe from Hate Positive Jobsite Culture Pledge outlines a specific set of actions the undersigned organizations will take to cultivate a respectful workplace, safe from hate, racism, sexism, discrimination, harassment, and bullying, where all workers are safe, respected and have dignity at work and in the construction industry.

All the signatories serve as leaders of their organizations and have committed to implementing the following pledge within their institutions and realm of influence. Where companies have already implemented one or more of the commitments, the undersigned commit to support other industry leaders in doing the same.

As leaders of some of the region’s largest construction employers, unions, trade associations, and community based organizations, we engage with and manage thousands of workers and play a critical role in ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion are core to construction culture and that our organizations are representative of the communities we serve. Moreover, we know that positive jobsite culture is good for our industry’s bottom line: it minimizes work stoppages and lost time, improves performance, supports safety protocols, enhances employee engagement, supports retention of a skilled workforce, increases health and wellness of workers and increases overall productivity.