Service and Maintenance

HVAC Service and Maintenance Van

HVAC and Refrigeration systems operate continuously to keep all types of structures comfortable and products at safe temperatures. Quality equipment can be expected to last a long time yet all equipment requires regular maintenance by professionals to keep everything operating at optimal efficiency.


Customized Maintenance Plans

HVAC maintenance programs and Refrigeration maintenance programs are vital to keeping utility costs down and to maintaining the integrity and value of a facility. Hunter-Davisson’s preventative maintenance plans provide a detailed set of maintenance tasks that are seasonally adjusted and designed around each specific type of equipment being serviced. Our experienced HVAC technicians can detect warning signs and make minor repairs before major problems and costs arise. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or a yearly maintenance plan, we can develop a program to meet any building’s specific requirements.


Available 24/7 (503) 234-0477

Your urgency is our urgency. Our technicians are also available around the clock in the event of an HVAC and Refrigeration emergency. Our highly skilled, experienced HVAC and Refrigeration technicians can be dispatched at any time to support emergency service requests for even the most complex systems and specialized equipment.

Routine maintenance can catch issues before they become costly problems.