Commercial HVAC

Adaptable, Reliable, and Efficient HVAC and Refrigeration Solutions


installing an HVAC System

Hunter-Davisson designs, installs, and maintains highly customized, building-tailored heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems in the Pacific Northwest. Our range of experience includes working with owners/developers on creating budgets at project conception, new construction, building improvements and small rooftop package systems.  This includes installing and maintaining HVAC and Refrigeration systems on a wide variety of facilities such as churches, schools, and complex multi-zoned systems.

We’re proud that our HVAC and Refrigeration solutions are, above all, reliable and once installed and properly maintained, operate continuously to keep all types of structures comfortable and products at safe temperatures. Considering the degree of expertise and the wide range of experience our seasoned engineers possess, we are not daunted by building requirement roadblocks, high-rise logistical hurdles, and many other unique challenges that seem inherent to the commercial HVAC and Refrigeration business. We also have experience with a wide array of equipment and HVAC and Refrigeration manufacturers to ensure the best, most energy-efficient solution for every project.

Once installed, regular maintenance is required for HVAC and Refrigeration systems to continue to operate reliably. Hunter-Davisson can develop a program to meet any building’s specific requirements, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or a yearly maintenance plan. Our technicians are also available around the clock in the event of an HVAC and Refrigeration emergency.


What’s the “R” for? We are one of the only commercial HVAC companies in the Pacific Northwest that also specializes in “Refrigeration”


Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Installation

When your heating and cooling system needs to be replaced or updated, don’t hesitate to call Hunter-Davisson. We’ve been installing industry-leading commercial HVAC and Refrigeration units in the Pacific Northwest for nearly fifty years. We’re proud of our top-quality service and expertise surrounding HVAC and Refrigeration installation. Our commercial HVAC and Refrigeration engineers are able to evaluate building requirements and roadblocks to determine what type of system will best serve your company and from there we can recommend cost-effective strategies and solutions that consistently end up exceeding your expectations.


Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Service

When HVAC and Refrigeration systems aren’t functioning properly, they can cost your business thousands of dollars in wasted energy costs. Small issues can become large problems if ignored or gone unnoticed. Hunter-Davisson is a full-service maintenance company that caters to businesses, both large and small, across the Pacific Northwest. Whether your HVAC and Refrigeration system’s issue is minor or extensive, you can be confident when you choose Hunter-Davisson that you’ll receive our full attention. We have the best technicians in the business and we pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and competitive pricing throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance

Through the years, as HVAC and Refrigeration systems age, their efficiency and reliability continually diminish. Regular maintenance is required to ensure minor issues with the system don’t become costly repairs and replacements. Hunter-Davisson is able to set up – periodic maintenance plans that are customized for your building’s needs. Once on-site, our experienced technicians can detect warning signs and make minor repairs before major problems and costs arise. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or a yearly maintenance plan, we can develop a program to meet any building’s specific requirements.